Aug 1-4

Q&A With Loch Lomond
Sunday August 3, 2008

It’s a little early to call a “best set of the day” yet, but Loch Lomond is a serious contender. Without the scrutinous blare of amplifiers, the band called the crowd forward to listen closely. They lit into songs about friends who look like eggs, bears who stare at their porcelain spoon collections, and other such oddities. Employing six-part harmony, all manner of stringed instruments, piano, percussion, tiny cymbals and the rhythmic rip of paper, Loch Lomond is one resourceful source of haunting compositions. Think Andrew Bird times nine. I got a hold of lead singer/guitarist/band leader Ritchie Young afterwards for a quick chat about the band, their music, and what’s going on these days in Portland music…(read more)

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