Aug 1-4

Our days are becoming a little more clear…
Wednesday March 11, 2009

With these early days of spring here in the Northwest, we are still working on the final touches for the 2009 Pickathon Lineup. As a handful of additions still being worked on things are getting super close to being complete, with the early take on the schedule to surface any week now. In the meantime, we have put up what days these folks will be around, which can be seen over on the lineup page. Most everyone will be around for 2 days, and we can probably take a good guess on who will be the highlights in the Barn during the Late-Night hours, and also who will wow and amaze folks in the Workshop Barn. All in all, a great time to be had. Take a look at the days, and see what you can come up with….seeming like a three-way-tie once it comes to the potentials on best day of the weekend.
And…here we go again with another (possibly last ever), Fabchannel concert. This time around our hometown crew, Blitzen Trapper are representing. Enjoy it!
Blitzen Trapper – May 14, 2008 live at Paradiso

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