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Pickathon Hotel Info + Your Carbon Footprint.
Wednesday March 4, 2009

We love it that folks come out to Pendarvis Farm for Pickathon from all over the World, and to help these friends from afar we are doing all we can to make their stay is as convenient, comfortable, and carbon-less as possible. Carbon, as we all know is one of the most significant waste products that is released into our –one and only– atmosphere. Looking into our own carbon footprint and finding ways to reduce it is a wonderful starting point. As individuals the easiest ways to limit our impact are as follows: reduce what you use, reuse all that is possible, and recycle everything else. This helps us all in a number of ways.
Interested in knowing more?…check out your own Carbon Footprint and consider ways that you can reduce when possible. That is really the most basic way to both look into and help the overall global impact we humans bring with our day-to-day doings.
Anyway, this is a Hotel update, not a environmental impact discussion…however, we really do appreciate those that can help where possible.
Here is the basic gist for Hotel options and rates from our 2009 Partnering Hotels. Rates, Locations, and Shuttle details are all located on our Lodging Page. The rates are special for Pickathon attendees, and the shuttles are free and easy to use, hence making it possible to come to Pickathon Car-Free (stay tuned for other Pickathon Car-Free options for everyone else in the coming month). It is highly advised that if considering making reservations doing so as early as possible.. these hotels do fill up every year, and no one wants to be left out in the cold. If not bunking up in one of these hotels, no sweat… we’ve got you covered with on-site camping.
Well, there we have it..and please enjoy this little snack.
Those Darlins – Whole Damn Thing

Those Darlins “Whole Damn Thing” from Tugboat Productions on Vimeo.

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