Aug 1-4

Pirate Rock is for all ages.
Wednesday April 22, 2009

Once again, now for the third year in a row the folks here at Pickathon have decided to welcome aboard the Captain and his Salty crew of songsters. Who are these legendary Pirates from the Port Town one might ask? Well, I guess it could be said that Captain Bogg and Salty are without a doubt numero uno once it comes to the (not so easy to pull off) Pirate Rock for all ages. We have seen legions of young mini-pirates flock and rock to the calls of the Captain, so much that it will surprise anyone that experiences a show for the first time. Oh yes, it will soon be that time… arrrghh… And now for the third year in a row I am pleased to be embedding the code for the finest example of the Captain. Pieces of 8ight….

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