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Pendarvis Farm Work Party This Weekend, May 16-17
Thursday May 14, 2009

It’s that time once again my friends, the good ‘ol Pendarvis Farm Work Party.
This time for a weekend that is certain to see the weather we have all been waiting for…you can see that forecast here. I will also say that Sunny and 80 is what we are currently looking at. It’s much of the same for these work parties if you have been paying attention to the posts of the past.. and you will still need to contact Mr. Elwood ( if you are interested in coming out, or if you have any questions.
In order to keep the details in order, here is the note sent out from Elwood to the current list of Work Party Volunteers (you get on that list by getting in touch with Elwood)….so…enjoy the read, and we hope to see a bunch of new faces out at the Farm this weekend, it will be a hoot!
…from Elwood….
Howdy All!
Well, its official… this coming weekend (Sat. 5/16 & Sun. 5/17) will be our last chance for burning this year! Our focus this week is the area where the windmill and coyote cutoff meet, and along the fern trail.

In addition to the pizza from Al Forno Ferruzza for dinner, breakfast/coffee stuff on Sunday Morning, we will now be providing meat snack lunches for folks who put in full days, so please RSVP so we can accommodate! I apologize if you are a vegetarian, but you may want to bring something that better fits your diet (you could bring a veggie burger and cook it on the grill!)

Here’s the rundown for the weekend…Saturday:
-9:45am: Congregate at the Galaxy Barn (the red one)… please try to be on time, so we can all head up to the woods as a group. If you have to come a little late, just give my phone a call and I’ll let you know where we’re at.
-10am-1pm: We’ll head on up to the woods, tools in hand (and wheel barrows). There will be multiple fires going, and we might divide people up to specific tasks (liming, sawing, dragging, tending fire etc.) and then rotate tasks so people get a chance to do a little of everything.
-1pm-2pm: LUNCH BREAK!!! We’ll provide meat snacks on the grill! We’ll have water coolers out and some cups, but it is advised to bring your own canteen or water bottle to fill in (hydration is key!).
-2pm-6/7ish: Back at it. Toward the end of this part, we’ll stop putting wood on the fires, and fold them into themselves, so we’re sure they’ll go out.
-7pm-?: PARTY TIME!!! Head down to the Galaxy barn and get your fill! Pickathon will provide pizzas from Al Forno Ferruzza and beverages to folks who put a full day in. We’ll have another bonfire outside the barn… can you tell we like (controlled) fires? Music, jamming, dancing and general merriment will commence during/after dinner hours.
-8am-9:45am: BREAKFAST VITALS!!! Pickathon will provide coffee, tea, juice, bagels, etc. for folks who plan on putting in a full day Sunday. This will also give us a chance to all meet up before heading back to the woods.
-10am-6pm- Same rundown as above.
Now, What to bring???
-Appropriate clothing- Boots, WORK GLOVES, rain coat (it is spring in Oregon), warm socks, etc.
-Tools- Bring ’em if you got ’em. Bow saws, loppers, axes, shovels, hard rakes, scythes, sickles, machetes, hoes. For liability reasons, please do not bring chainsaws. We may have a few approved folks getting some big stuff out with chainsaws, but most of the work is done by hand.
-Canteen/Water bottle
-Change of clothes- Unless you like to party in your work clothes. But hey, diff’rent strokes…
-Musical instruments- Guitars, banjos, sousaphones, musical saws, etc. We may set up an open mic/and/or/jam on the stage in the barn if enough people are into it, and there are plenty of nooks for smaller jams.
-Sleeping bag/Tent- If you plan on “partying” please plan on spending the night.
-Food/Drink to share (if you wish)
-Your positive attitude, and bright shiny face
-A friend (or two)
*Since Pickathon volunteer slots are limited, volunteering at a work party will not earn you a free weekend pass for the festival.
***However*** Folks who volunteer at work parties WILL be given priority for a volunteer position at Pickathon, which WILL get you your free weekend pass. Volunteer positions include set-up/tear-down, brew crew, recycling, or other various positions. Pickathon work parties are a great way to make new friends, let off some steam from the work week, become part of the Pickathon/Pendarvis Farm community, help out, and get back to nature. We truly appreciate every drop of sweat that goes into making this festival happen.
Please RSVP for the work party by replying to this e-mail (even if you already have). If you plan on bringing some friends out, please include the number of people and their names (or have them contact me directly), so we can get a head count for party accommodations!
Pendarvis Farm is located at: 16581 SE Hagen Rd Happy Valley, OR, 97009
Thank you SO much, and look forward to seeing you! _Elwood_

And, for anyone who made it down the page this far… here is real treat from our new favorite Aussie group – C.W. Stonking and his Primitive Horn Orchestra, and this is their *great* newish video for Jungle Blues. Enjoy!..

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