Aug 1-4

The Avett Brothers + 5/22-23 Crystal Ballroom = Only 350 Tickets Available!
Thursday May 21, 2009

This will be the last big exhale in regards to these shows, the week has finally reached its end and as I sit here and mull over my thoughts I am staring over at a stack of just 350 tickets that remain between both nights for this Friday and Saturday (5/22-23). This means that so far we have seen more than 2,500 tickets leave the nest over the past few months and it has been a real treat to see them off.
Once more, we are also pleased to tell everyone that Jason Webley will be support for both shows…maybe some of you folks remember him from 2007 Pickathon?.. The Drinking Song?… Spinning around with your finger in the air?… any of this ringing a bell?
Anyway, just another reminder here that today could be your last chance to get tickets if interested (..and why not be interested?).. as we are pretty sure the availability will be slim for those that walk up.
Also, for this show we are excited to say that Portland, OR artist Jeremy Okai Davis has put together an extremely limited print (only 100) for the band..the first of which that features all Four (Scott, Seth, Bob, and Joe!), and these will only be sold at the Crystal Ballroom shows. This should tell you two things: 1. Get tickets to Friday night… 2. Arrive early. There is a very small % of folks that will be lucky enough to get one of these prints, so plan ahead if interested.
Oh, and a reminder – we will have our very own 2009 Pickathon Posters available for the first time as well…these are free, as we just want to get them out there to the masses. Grab a couple on your way out, they make for a great addition most anywhere.
Anyway…here is a peak at that (very limited) Avett Brothers print, get one if you can..

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