Aug 1-4

Street Teams? Vendors?
Tuesday June 9, 2009

Here we are, yet another week at the ‘ol Pickathon HQ. We have a couple thoughts to get out, in hopes of helping us out come Pickathon Weekend.
1st. Pickathon Coffee Vendors – I am making a call for good Portland based Coffee Vendors. Know any that you favor? Know someone that would be a great fit? Here in Portland folks are used to good, strong, local coffee, ’nuff said. We have a few potential options, however – we just want to make sure we nail this in 2009 and maybe the public can be of assistance…after all, you are the ones working through the early A.M. lines (or not!).
2nd. Pickathon “Meat” Vendors – Another call for folks who do a good job at getting their meat out there for consumption. Ideally, this person would also be able to provide the best breakfast Portland, OR has to offer… Think you got it? I mean really, isn’t meat like the new vegetarian in Portland restaurants these days? Throw us a bone!
3rd. Pickathon Street Teams – We are looking at sending folks some Pickathon Posters and Handbills in: Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, Salem, Eugene/Corvallis, San Francisco, etc.. We’ll hook you up with some super sweet posters, and as an added bonus we will give folks merch and perks that lend a helping hand.

Alright, it’s really not too much to ask and we certainly love the good folks that have helped out so far. All in all our vendor village is looking outstanding with lots of new and unique additions for 2009.

Give us a holler (send to the info@ email address located on the bottom of this page, and we’ll make it happen! Oh, and sign up for the newsletter and you will be the first to know the scoop on the 2009 Schedule…that newsletter is right around the corner, so stay tuned…

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