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2009 Pickathon in LESS THAN 1 WEEK…
Saturday July 25, 2009

…And here are a few things you need to know!

First of all, it’s been a truly wonderful year here at the Pickathon HQ. We have all had a blast working with all the great music, and can hardly wait (only 5 more days) to see it all come together. If you are thinking about 2009 Pickathon and still have not made up your mind…..well, there is little more to think about or wait for as this is going to be one of the best years in the history of Summer, in all of the Northwest. We hear it all the time, and are feeling that 2009 will definitely be an extra special year.

For today, given this lazy hot summer day here in Portland we want to get the info flowing and hope it helps pull anyone off the fence. ….as it’s been said in the past, your tickets are here – 2009 Pickathon Tickets. Pre-Gate Tickets will be sold on-line (only) until July 30, after that they will only be available at the gate ($135 for weekend, $80 and $90 for single day). Buy in advance, save some loot and enjoy the weekend..

As it’s been a while since we posted, here is a nice little rundown of what’s been going on…

To help ease into this final week of counting down the days there has been a special Sweet Sounds Mix posted which you can find by looking at your favorite 2009 Pickathon Artist and clicking on the Sweet Sounds Mix…click it! enjoy it! feel the sweet sounds with a nice cool lemonade, it’s the best.

To help your stomach at this years Pickathon we have put together the best vendor selection so far, check out the 2009 Pickathon Vendor Menus, and see for yourself… and did we mention Deschutes Brewery will be there with FIVE of their favorite brews????

To help the children at this years Pickathon we have put together a wild mix of activities and classes, check that out here – 2009 Kids! Schedule. Kiddos under 12 are always free at Pickathon, so really there is no excuse in leaving them at home…

To help get you to Pickathon we have partnered with EcoShuttle again the 2009 and have posted the Pickathon Shuttle Times and Specifics. Check it out, and for crying out loud…take the bus, it’s free, easy, and great for the water!

And finally…
Due to a couple curve balls this past week we have had to make a couple last minute schedule changes, which are now complete and off to the presses for proper arrangement and placement. We know you are waiting for this, and certainly appreciate the patience. This upcoming Monday we will have the official 2009 Pickathon Schedule up and ready for download/print. This has been many months in the making, and we hope you all agree that it’s going to be a totally awesome time.

So here we go again… the time to take it in and make sense of yet another great year out at the farm. Get yourself ready, listen to the new playlists, get your Tickets (join the rest of us), and come Monday you can start to plan out your Pickathon Weekend (with a full schedule).

Thanks Folks!…we couldn’t do it without you.

2009 Pickathon Staff.
oh, and here is a sneak peek at Day 1 of site set-up….See you there!!

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