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2009 Dates..July 31-August 2!!
Thursday December 31, 2009

Dear Pickathon Devotees,
It appears that these blogs get buried, and all this vital information I express from my glands gets overlooked. I have come to the realization this could be the sole reason why I get the same “2009 dates?” email, almost on a daily basis.
So, I give to you another look at what this new year will bring us…July 31-August 2, 2009. I know, a weird weekend, being straddled over two months, and nowhere near the full moon. I understand that this may look funny when printed on a poster, but you must understand one very important thing – we say “the first weekend of August”…which technically means Sat. and Sun., which do fall in August. It is that lonely Friday that sits on the other side amongst the other 30 days in our seventh month. Here we are again, July 31-August 2.
Also, I need to mention that our newsletter sign up has been pulling tricks over the course of this past year. Although it may appear that your email is not signed up, however, once that submit! button is pressed, I do get the sign up request, and in some cases, I get all 10! But do not fret future newsletter recipients, you will only be signed up once..
Well, for today that is all I have. I appreciate your keen ability to listen, and promise to keep on with the posting, and ideally in the nearest future have some worthy topics, not just these silly rants about dates.
Yours Truly,

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