Aug 1-4

Portraits of Pickathon
Friday March 19, 2010

It was the end of a sweaty day. In fact, according to the ‘time stamp’ on some of these images, it was the beginning of another warm day. Pickathon 2009. What a blast…as in blast furnace. But we survived. And the later it got, the wackier things got. About midnight, my friend Tom Boyd and I set up shop in a horse stall next to the Galaxy Barn and made a few portraits of late night revelers who were holding out for the Blitzen Trapper set to begin. And if you waited long enough for band member Marty to be drawn back to the light, you know there was some serious heat in that barn.

We hope to see you all again this year. Odds are real good it won’t be any warmer than last year.

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