Aug 1-4

Eat healthy, reduce waste, and save money at this years Pickathon
Tuesday June 8, 2010

We were so encouraged on the feedback and dialogue around the open forum brainstorming to eliminate as much plastic at Pickathon as possible that we thought we would pose another key thought for folks to provide feedback on.

This year we are working hard to reduce trash overall and we think one of the best ways for us to do this is to find ways for people to be able to eat as many of their meals from the onsite food vendors as possible.

The only givens for each of our food vendors is that

1) We insist that each one has interesting, healthy, locally sourced and organic ingredients when possible.

2) There is little to no overlap between vendors.

3) We will compost as much of the food waste as possible in the food vendors area.

Beyond this we have some specific questions that will help us gauge how far we can go to reach our eat healthy, reduce waste, and save money goals.

1) Should we create a menu listing all the vendors food and prices that you can download and look at before the festival to help your planning?

2) What range of meals prices do you think are reasonable for inspired, healthy, organic, and locally sourced food?

3) What other issues would we need to address for you to consider to buy most of your food onsite?

4) Any specific food requests?

Your feedback is how we make things better and we could not be more excited about pairing the best food vendors with the best music in one glorious weekend in August.

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