Aug 1-4

Sam Quinn could be the Mayor of Pickathon
Tuesday June 22, 2010

Seeming like in one way or another Sam Quinn has topped many of our lists over the past few years at Pickathon. He is in some ways a permanent fixture once it comes to the festival… Performing at 2006 and 2008 Pickathon with the everybodyfields, who knows what he did in 2007?, and then returning again in 2009 with his then completely new outfit, the japan ten. Now that I think about it, at some point in 2009 I am almost certain he ended up on a volunteer crew during setup? It’s hard to recall, but if you look hard enough in the memory bank I am sure short shorts and big beard will come to the surface at least once or twice.

So it’s now 2010 and Sam returns, and this time with a new record The Fake That Sunk A Thousand Ships (May 2010 release with Ramseur Records). The band with him in 2010 we are still unsure about, but we do know that Tom Pryor, Jamie Cook, Josh Oliver, and yes… Jill Andrews will all be around. Who knows what we’ll get?

Anyone out there have a good Sam Quinn experience that needs telling? Share it below. Happy post-fathers day, Happy Summer, and Happy 45 day countdown.

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