Aug 1-4

Benefest to Live Broadcast as part of benefit for Buckman Arts Elementary.
Thursday January 20, 2011

Live Broadcast is an exciting new idea for Pickathon that we’re pleased to present as part of this years inaugural launch for Benefest. For all Benefest shows we will partner with Portland company Stumptown Bliss in order to provide a high quality user experience with each shows Live Broadcast.

How this works is you will purchase a streaming pass through Benefest or Stumptown Bliss with instructions to follow in order to help get you setup. This will be all three shows, broadcast right to your home for a cool $30 contribution. If for some reason you decide next week you’d like to try it out as you heard so many great things from this weekends show with The Corin Tucker Band, Old Light, and Zoo Animal, then for the last two shows you’ll pay $20. And finally, for the final show of Benefest with Eric D. Johnson, Andy Cabic and Richard Swift it will be $10. That’s it, $10 a show and you’ve not only tried something completely new, but at the same time helped make a massive contribution towards a worthy casuse.

Our goal for the Benefest Live Broadcast is to provide a unique and convenient way for anyone to contribute to the efforts of Benefest for Buckman Arts Elementary, while at the same time being able to enjoy a unique, high quality experience delivered right to your own home. We are excited to evolve this idea for Pickathon and at the current moment are optimistic of what might be possible.

Benefest starts this weekend and we hope to see you at Mississippi Studios (Advance Tickets), or here on the internet for first ever Pickathon Live Broadcast.

The above Heartless Bastards video from 2010 Pickathon gives both an example of quality for Live Broadcast and also a taste of what’s in store for next weekends (1/28-29) Flickathon at Mission Theater. Enjoy!

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