Aug 1-4

HELP! Only three days remain for securing funds for Pickathonography Vol. 1 through Kickstarter
Thursday May 26, 2011

This is homestretch effort to help make sure Pickathonography Vol. 1 meets the funding deadline and makes it to the press. Now or never friends, with a multitude of good reasons to show support by making a pledge, this should be easy for any Pickathon/Pendarvis Farm fan out there. Maybe you just want the book? Easy, $25 pledge and you’ll get just one of 2,000 printed. With the layout nearing completion, and having feasted the eyes on what’s inside… I attest – A complete work of art. Contributions from the likes of Angus Bogg (Captain Bogg & Salty), Dale Watson, Jill Andrews, Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats), Sherry Pendarvis, and many-many more.

For many this book will bring a trip down memory lane, and rightfully so. For us, well, we’re just so incredibly proud of the creative care and attention that Tim LaBarge and Patrick Barber have been committed to from start to finish. Very excited to share this with the other 1,999 lucky few who get their very own Vol. 1, which we hope to be the first of many.

Just take a look at the above spread example, and for a larger peek at other page examples take a look here:

Under The Big, Shady Top
Listen & Learn

We’re three days out and this is the time where you can make your pledge count. Thanks so much in advance.

Enjoy the big weekend ahead, hopefully we’ll see you on the other side with a fully funded Pickathonography Vol. 1.

If so, we’ll celebrate.

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