Aug 1-4

Pickathonography Vol. 1 – Eighteen days to go and halfway there with the goal, make your pledge today and wind up backstage at Pickathon!
Wednesday May 11, 2011

We’ve posted about this project by photographer Tim LaBarge a couple weeks ago when it was first launched.

Well, here we are again – 22 days later and just over 50% of the goal in hand. Getting closer in helping make this book a reality, but still we are in need of a few more good folks to help take the pledges beyond the goal line.

Today I would like to address the high-and-mighty $500 pledge, which is for ‘One Weekend Backstage Pass to 2011 Pickathon’.

What does this mean?

Pretty much everything you want in a weekend: Weekend entry to all shows at Pickathon. Weekend Camping. Backstage access which includes drinks and meals throughout the weekend (WOW!), stainless steel cup, and choice of parking: Weekend Car Parking, Weekend Car Camping, EcoShuttle Pass (for those not driving). Oh, and a copy of the book!

If you look at the simple math, this pledge adds up, I mean…3 meals a day, and coffee, beer or wine whenever you’d like? Sign me up.

The only way to purchase a pass like this is through Pickathonography Vol. 1.


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