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Should Pickathon eliminate the use of all single use dishes and utensils?
Friday May 13, 2011

Pickathon needs your opinion!

Pickathon is exploring how to become the first large American Music Festival to eliminate single use dishes and utensils used by all of our food vendors. But we need your feedback to help us decide how to move forward.

Here’s What We’re Thinking

When you come to Pickathon in 2011 you would have two options for eating food from any of our local food vendors:

1. Provide your own dishes and utensils to have vendors serve food on which you would be responsible to clean and store yourself.

2. Receive your food on Pickathon dishware (provided by Bambooware) or reusable clamshell containers (provided by GO Box) an unlimited number of times all weekend and we will be responsible to wash and manage everything.

How to use the Pickathon Dishware and Dishwashing Service (Option #2)

1. You start by purchasing a GO Box token for $10 in the vendor area.

2. Give the token to any vendor and you will receive any food item you purchased on either a commemorative dishware or in a GO Box (utensils included with either) which can be used to take back to your campsite.

3. At this point you own the commemorative dishware or GO Box plus utensil and can decide to hold on to it or return it to the dishwashing station where you will receive another token to repeat the cycle an unlimited number of times all weekend.

4. At any point in the weekend when you are finished using the token you can either:

I. Return your token or dishware/utensil for a $5 dollar refund

II. Redeem your token and take home the utensil plus one dishware item of your choice (GO Box or commemorative plate or bowl)

III. Take home your GO Box token and continue to use it as a GO Box subscriber at all participating Food Carts (see www.goboxpdx.com)

Should We Do This?

Please Let Us Know Your Thoughts And Questions.

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