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The 2012 Pickathon Map (Trails & Camping Info)
Saturday July 28, 2012

The new and improved 2012 Pickathon Map is here!

As you will notice, there have been a few changes:

*Earlier we talked a bit about the idea of a Campground Host (please reference that blog post again for Campground Host details). This is located between the Weekend Parking lot and the main camper entrance into the woods (via Quail Trail) of Pendarvis Farm.

*A ‘Quiet Camping Zone’ has been designated for those needing silence between the hours of 11:00pm to 9:00am.

*Two special ‘Jam Zones’ (Glade Jam and Stump Jam) have been designated for those that want to jam into the wee hours.

*All ‘Camping Zones’ have been identified on the new Map using a color and number system to help identify each unique area.

*A ton of camping has been newly established and prepped in 2012 throughout Pendarvis Farm. Use the Campground Host to help find your way.

*There are Six new trails getting us close to Four miles of light trails, with all trail colors being coordinated with the actual color of lights (led strands) that will illuminate these trails during the night. White & Orange = Main Trails, Blue & Green = Minor Trails.

Get your tickets this weekend and join the fun.

DOWNLOAD the 2012 Pickathon Map HERE!

Pickathon 2012 will be a hoot for sure!

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