Aug 1-4

Guildworks, Architects of the Air, send greetings from above Pickathon
Photo by Guildworks
Wednesday August 1, 2012

Editors note: Your dedicated GuildWorks: Architects of the Air team is thousands of man hours closer to ensuring their iconic tension fabric sculptures are as inspiring as ever when the 2012 Pickathon kicks of Friday at the one-and-only Pendarvis Farm. Despite a ridiculously grueling schedule, they took the time to drop us all a line to let us know what to expect this year.

GuildWorks is back for its 8th year of helping make Pickathon the amazing festival experience that so many thousands of you have come to love. We are at this very moment preparing new pieces and refining the designs of the years past to create an even more dynamic, functional, and visually stunning addition to this years event. Our crew has been out at Pendarvis Farms for two weeks already getting the area prepped for the 3 FULL WEEKS it takes to install over 175,000 square feet of fabrics throughout Pickathon Festival Grounds!

We are honored to have been a part of this festival since its move to Pendarvis Farm in 2005, this is our biggest event to date and it is our pleasure to help create an experience you’re likely to always remember. GuildWorks is based in SE Portland and we’ve also been delighted to provide installations for several people who live in the area who have expressed their desire to have a little piece of the festival feel that they loved at Pickathon at their own home. We have the capability to provide custom rain and shade fabric installations for private residences in almost any capacity.

We encourage you to come check out our website and the Guildworks Blog for pictures of Pickathon from years past as well as a look at the many different projects we’ve been up to lately. We are grateful to be doing what we are doing and if this is something you are interested in having in your life then feel free to connect with us and we’ll be happy to start turning your dreams into a reality!

Thank you!


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