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How Did Our Camping Host And Car Camping Improvements Work?
Photo by Tim LaBarge
Thursday August 30, 2012

Last year after Pickathon we received feedback that led us us realize two possible areas of needed improvement around helping everyone secure a good weekend tent or car camping site.

We tried to address both of these improvements in 2012, and want to know how each of them worked and how each can be made better for 2013 and beyond.

Questions for you…

If you purchased a “Camp In Your Car” or “Camp Near Your Car” pass you likely noticed there were far less cars present and it felt liked it was far less crowded and contentious this year vs. last year. Was this your experience too?

If you Tent Camped In The Woods, you hopefully encountered our newly formed Camp Host Crew. This was set up kind of like a Pickathon front desk service for campers where you could get advice on where to camp before you entered the woods, then get escorted to spots with the help of our roaming camping scouts, then potentially check out a shovel or rake to help improve your campsite. There are a ton of amazing internal stories of how the Camp Host helped a number of people when arriving at Pickathon, but what we would like to know is what experiences you had if willing to share with the greater Pickathon community.

The camping component of Pickathon is an important piece of the experience and as organizers we take this very seriously. It is important to reassess each year and strive for the right kinds of improvements and adjustments that come with each new mix of circumstances.

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