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2013 TICKETS and Lineup Announcement Info
Photo by Inger Klekacz
Friday February 15, 2013

First thing first… The 2013 Lineup curtain will be raised next Wednesday February 20 and that’s the day we will finally get to show you the many reasons why we are so excited about 2013. There will be several surprises and we just can’t wait to share this news.

We also have important info about buying tickets and vehicle passes for 2013 Pickathon, but before we dive into the details, we wanted to reaffirm our commitment to capping our audience size in order to give everybody the elbow room they’ve come to enjoy. For those of you who have been following the dialogue about keeping our crowd size small, you know to expect some price increases this year. But considering the musical lineup and enhancements to the overall experience, we think the value, especially when compared to other festivals around the country, is one heck of a bargain.

Ok, now on to ticket details for 2013….

We have three notable changes from how tickets and vehicle passes have been sold in the past:

1. We were concerned about tickets and special vehicle passes selling out quickly, and so we have made a decision to give first priority for 2013 tickets and vehicles passes to our 2012 paying audience, followed by our wider email list and newsletter community. What this means is that those who bought tickets last year will receive an early one-day email opportunity to purchase weekend tickets and vehicle passes starting Monday February 18. Next, on Tuesday February 19 we will send another notice to our wider email list and newsletter community for a second early opportunity to buy tickets and vehicle passes. After that we will be opening our tickets up to the general public on Wednesday February 20 when the lineup is announced.

2. The very limited “specialty” vehicle passes are always the first items to sell out. We will make 50% of the RV, Car Camping, and Camp Near Your Car Parking passes available to those early-opportunity folks, starting on Monday. Then we will offer the other 50% that remains available when tickets and vehicle passes go on sale to the general public on Wednesday.

3. There will be no early prices for the first tickets sold this year and we will not have any type of tiered pricing in 2013. Instead, there will be one consistent price for each ticket type (admission and vehicle passes) that will stay the same for as long as tickets remain available.

Providing early access to tickets and specialty vehicle passes is our way of honoring those of you who come to Pickathon year after year. While we can’t guarantee that these items won’t sell out quickly, we do want to ensure that festival veterans are the ones getting the first shot at what’s available.

Stay tuned and get ready folks… Summer is coming and the big news is just days away.

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