Aug 1-4

Venue improvements are afoot out at Pendarvis Farm…
Photo by Miri Stebivka
Tuesday May 14, 2013

One of the areas that we’re dedicated to putting new energy towards in 2013 is the Mountain View / Main Venue Amphitheater. This is an incredibly busy part of the farm and as many of you already know, it is the official ‘center’ of the Pickathon weekend.

There are already a few big ideas being worked out that will drastically improve the look and feel of this area in 2013, which very soon we will begin to share these details with you. In the meantime, we felt this was a good juncture to ask for your ideas in regards to the attendee experience within this part of Pendarvis Farm.

Are there ideas, suggestions, or thoughts that you feel we should consider?

Although we’ve already compiled your feedback from the past year, we wanted to open this up one more time during these final months of preparation.

Let us know what you think as it is our goal to continually tweak, improve, and introduce new ideas that help shape the Pickathon experience.

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