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Pickathon in the news this week… Invites to the NY Times, Summer Guides, and Grist gets into Pickathon Sustainability
Photo by Sara Vandepas
Thursday June 20, 2013

Happy Solstice!

This week we found a little bit of Pickathon out there in the news…

Starting with Andrew R Tonry from the Portland Mercury putting out an official invite to Ben Ratliff of NY Times to join us at this years Pickathon. Commenting on a article written by Mr Ratliff that summerized his Bonnaroo 2013 experience, Mr. Tonry offers the following: “… With that in mind I’d like to formally invite Mr. Ratliff to Pendarvis Farm this August, as I think Pickathon’s near-perfection might shatter such engrained expectations—or at least offer them a slight tug of re-alignment. Indeed, entering its 15th year, Pickathon’s about as good as it gets. Part of that’s about preference, of course, on things like size, texture, palate, history, etc. But a lot of what has come to define Pickathon are the very qualities Ratliff drearily wishes for: “no responsibility toward any aesthetic or sound or region, only toward the principles of unity and purpose in sound.” Well played! So we’ll see you in August, right Ben?

Next, the Willamette Week Summer Guide has finally arrived and you know – it’s a real pleasure to be considered their go-to for providing that special musical discovery opportunity in an ideal setting with hip summer camp charm…

And finally, David Roberts from goes pretty damn in depth and asks the big question “Can a music festival be sustainable?” Low and behold, he finds an answer at Pickathon… “The best way to describe Pickathon (this will be my third year; I wrote about year one and year two) is that it’s a music festival made by people who love music festivals for people who love music festivals. Everything is about the experience: it’s aesthetically beautiful, safe, family-friendly, filled with musical discoveries, and clean.”

My oh my, all this chatter is getting us excited!

Just wait, July is going to fly by and *poof* all the sudden it’s Pickathon time…

Weekend and Single Day Tickets are still available but don’t wait too long!

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