Aug 1-4  OR

Wired: Pickathon is a place for doing and being, not for over-thinking
Photo by Liz Devine
Tuesday July 30, 2013

We couldn’t have it said it better ourselves.

The title of this blog is a direct quote from Pete Brook’s new article in Wired about his experience at Pickathon 2012. The journalist was sent to Pickathon to discover more about taking the perfect festival photograph, but as they say in the byline of the article, he “got distracted.”

Brooks linked up with our world class photography team, band members, fans, organizers, the Pendarvis family, and generously describes Pickathon just the way we would, “people at Pickathon – photographers included – think less about any product and more about the experience; less about recording the moment than living it.”

We really do concentrate on the experience first, and not just the experience of the fans and the bands, but the experience of all the amazing crew members that get caked in Pendarvia throughout the first weekend in August every year.

This year should be leaps and bounds beyond anything we’ve created before. We would love to share it with you, so get off that fence and come join us! Just 2 days left for pregate tickets!

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