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Fruit Bats to play final show in Portland this weekend. See them one last time!
Photo by Tim LaBarge
Wednesday November 13, 2013

The news came out earlier this week in the form of an open letter to the Fruit Bats fan community. Principal songwriter and Mr. Fruit Bat himself, Eric D. Johnson let us all know that this is officially it for Fruit Bats… BUT, there will be plenty more to come from Eric in the near future… Read the letter here.

So that brings us to this upcoming weekend where we have one last time to see them live, all shows occurring here in the Pac NW… Seattle(11/14), Victoria(11/15), then Portland(11/16). All three dates will be with The Donkeys (a totally rad band from San Diego… worth arriving early for these dudes!)

If you’ve ever been a fan of Fruit Bats, whether from recent years or dating all the way back to the early 2000’s, you owe it to yourself to come out and be apart of the final chapter. Also (as if we needed more reasons to get out this weekend), these shows mark the 10 year anniversary of the bands release Mouthfuls, which now has been pressed to vinyl for the very first time (limited edition of 500!). Find the record at these shows or pick it up online. Oh, and they’ll be playing that entire record plus other Fruit Bats favorites. It will most certainly be a gush-fest so make sure to bring a tissue!

Join us this weekend and lets celebrate the growing up of a good-good friend.

Thank you Eric D. Johnson and all the amazing past Fruit Bats members. The times have been good, the music has been influential, and most important…. we’re stoked to hear what’s next for you.

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