Aug 1-4

Pickathon is 80 days away… Get your tickets today!
Photo by Liz Devine
Saturday May 10, 2014

Spring has basically come and gone and we’re now entering the delightful period of Early Summer… We just love this time of year as it means that right at 80 days from today we’ll open the gates and away we go…

Since we’re now under three months away, it’s important to know that Weekend Tickets to this years Pickathon have been selling faster than ever. With a sellable capacity of 3,500 tickets, it’s a borderline miracle that we still have some available. So don’t wait too long! This years festival promises one of the most amazing lineups of the Summer, and the schedule we’ve been working on for all three days, seven stages, and 50+ artists is literally mind-blowing! So much goodness to spread around…

You have a favorite artist that you don’t want to miss? Don’t worry! Everyone is at Pickathon for two sets, and typically that means they’re there for two of the three days. It’s one of the most amazing artist communities at any festival… they come, they play, they hang… NONE of that in-and-out business that most every other festival offers. The bands at Pickathon love to be at Pickathon, and that’s a big part of the magic.

Pick up your tickets and we’ll see you out at Pendarvis Farm!

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