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Ride your bike to Pickathon!
Photo by Abby Chroman
Wednesday July 16, 2014

Bike Rides to Pickathon 2014: Brought to you by MailChimp!

This year Pickathon is offering a fun, more sustainable and easy way to get to the best music festival in the West. We’ve done all the planning, and with a lot of help from MailChimp all you have to do saddle up and ride!

Our cycle chaperones will guide you on your journey and the gear shuttle will make sure your stuff makes it to farm.

Special thanks to Velo Cult bike shop for providing the Portland meeting spot and parking!


To Pickathon:
Thursday 11am from Velo Cult
Friday 8:00am from Velo Cult
*Please show up a half hour before departure time
Meet at Velo Cult Bike Shop 1969 NE 42nd Ave

From Pickathon:
Monday 10am departure
*Please show up a half hour before departure time
Meet near the Workshop Barn by the bike parking at Pendarvis Farms

What about the ride?
The ride is a mellow, 14.5 miles with one good climb. Approximately half of the ride is along designated bike paths, a quarter utilizes PDX’s extensive bike lanes and suggested boulevards and the last quarter is along country roads with mild traffic. Our bike chaperones have done their best to plan an efficient and pleasant route.

Here’s a map of the designated route:

What about all my gear?
We got you covered! Thanks to MailChimp’s support we are able to shuttle your camping gear to the farm while you enjoy the ride through PDX and out to the farm. Just make sure to keep things to a minimum so we can transport everyone’s stuff.

Gear Shuttle
The van will be ready to roll at the designated times. Just meet up at Velo Cult, drop your gear and it’ll be waiting for you at the farm.

Claim Ticket Tags
We will have some claim ticket tags so you can retrieve your gear at the farm and upon return at Velo Cult.

What about parking my car at Velo Cult?
Yes! Velo Cult is ready for us. They’ve offered up parking in their rear parking lot for the weekend to Pickathoners. They have about 30 spots, so if you want to bike your gear down that would be even better. If you choose to park elsewhere please abide by the PDX parking regulations.

All riders must print and sign the following waiver to be a part of these rides. The printed and signed waiver will be collected at Velo Cult just prior to departure.

Pickathon 2014 Bike Ride Waiver: DOWNLOAD WAIVER HERE

Please contact:

*Pickathon is not responsible for any damage, or other issues regarding your parked vehicle.

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