Aug 1-4

Parquet Courts or Parkay Quarts?
Photo by Alicia J. Rose
Monday November 10, 2014

If you haven’t heard already, Parquet Courts released another full-length album today under the name Parkay Quarts. This is their SECOND album of the year. We don’t get how they pulled that off either. Content Nausea is primarily the work of Andrew Savage and Austin Brown – hence the (sort of) new name. “Parkay Quarts” isn’t the band’s only moniker as they sometimes play as “PCPC” when they tour with PC Worship. Whatever you want to call them, the band’s new album is still great.

You can download Content Nausea now, or wait until it comes out as an LP on December 2nd.

Also if you’re on the east coast, they will be touring again as Parquet Courts starting in December.

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