Aug 1-4

This Week’s Video Recap
Photo by Leah Nash
Saturday January 17, 2015

This week was a good one for Woods fans. After Grist premiered the Brooklyn band’s acoustic set last week, Aquarium Drunkard posted a gnarly, psychedelic version of “With Light and Love” that was filmed in black and white and made possible by the good folks over at Tanner Goods.

Wondering Sound also gave Shakey Graves some love, describing this solo performance of “Word of Mouth” as such: “Barbed guitar phrases loop-de-loop like hornets circling a nest, and Graves’s craggy, oaky voice is the perfect combination of world-weariness and youthful optimism.”

Next Tuesday, we’ve got some goodies for you on the NPR Music & OPB Woods Stage Channel made possible by REI. And Thursday, head back to Grist to check out who’s on the On The Farm Channel.

Special thanks to our friends at REI and Tanner Goods who are helping to make our first season of video content possible.

Have a great weekend!

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