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Dom Flemons’ Pickathon Playlist!
Friday June 19, 2015

Another week in the bag and we’re officially seven days closer to this big ‘ol farm party we like to call Pickathon! Today’s playlist update comes from the one and only Mr. Dom Flemons, take it away Dom…

I’ve got quite a few different people that I’m looking forward to seeing at Pickathon this year. First and foremost, I can’t wait to see Music Maker Relief Foundation artist Little Freddie King. His funky New Orleans blues is always a treat. A few other acts that I’m looking forward to are Billy Strings and Don Julin who I met a few years ago at Folk Alliance. They bring a great combination of energy and hot bluegrass picking that can’t be beat! That also gets me thinking about the beautiful Quebe Sisters who are just a joy to watch as they knock out that rich Texas Swing fiddling along with their wonderful sister harmony. It’ll also be great to have a bit of rock band action happening with JD McPherson and Hiss Golden Messenger. An act on the Pickathon lineup that I hadn’t heard previously was Edna Vasquez. It will be great to see her perform live. It’s very rare that I get to hear wonderful Mexican music played in such a traditionally-based style. I’m looking forward to a wonderful Pickathon and can’t wait to see y’all there!

Old Yellow Boy – Little Freddie King
Beaumont Rag – Billy Strings and Don Julin
I Can’t Go On This Way – The Quebe Sisters
Let the Good Times Roll – JD McPherson
Lucia – Hiss Golden Messenger
Asi – Enda Vasquez

LISTEN HERE: Dom Flemons Picks of Pickathon

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