Aug 1-4  OR

Lucky Barn – Sam Amidon
Photo by Miri Stebivka
Tuesday April 26, 2016

Watch Sam Amidon conduct a crowd in a sing-a-long of “Way Go Lily” (off of I See the Sign via Bedroom Community)  in the latest Lucky Barn episode from The Bluegrass Situation.

“Amidon comes by his folkiness honestly — from two parents who traveled the same path before him — and started playing fiddle when he was a three-year-old growing up in Vermont. Somewhere along the way, he wandered over to guitar and began reimagining classic songs with contemporary twists.” Read the full article here from The Bluegrass Situation!

The cozy and creative Lucky Barn is the only stage where you can ask artists questions after each set. For more Lucky Barn episodes, check back every fourth Tuesday of the month at The Bluegrass Situation and our YouTube channel

Make sure you grab your tickets soon to see more Lucky Barn sets on August 5-7, 2016!


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