Aug 1-4

What About The Bands?
The Dan Deacon Dance Off | Photo by Dylan VanWeelden
Thursday August 25, 2016

So tell us, what did you think about this years lineup?

1. What was your favorite moment on any stage at Pickathon?

2. What artists do you feel came out on top after their Pickathon performances this year?

3. Who was the biggest surprise for you this year at Pickathon?

4. Which artists did you hear people talking about the most throughout the weekend?

5. What is your favorite stage/venue to see shows while at Pickathon?

6. What is your least-favorite stage/venue to see shows while at Pickathon?

7. Did you attend to see a specific artist?

8. Did you attend for the weekend or single day (which day)?

9. Did you attend any of the curation events? If so, which one(s) and what did you think?

10. Who would you invite to perform for us at Pickathon 2017?

11. What is your favorite Pickathon performance of all time?

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