Aug 1-4

Slab Series: Myke Bogan + Blossom
Myke Bogan with Blossom, Slab Sessions | Pickathon 2016
Saturday December 3, 2016

This new video of Myke Bogan with Blossom performing, “Take The Night Off” from the Slab Series has a perfect weekend vibe to it. Each is talented in their own right, but combining them all together makes for a powerhouse of a team. Add in the record label, Eyrst, at the hub, and it appears they’re all on to a good thing.

The Slab Series is presented by FLOOD Magazine and premieres a new video on the 1st Friday of every month in the 2016-2017 Season (Oct. 25 – Aug. 1). Click here to read FLOOD’s full write-up on their website.

You can find more videos from the Slab Series at: Or plug in to one of our YouTube or Spotify playlists to mix up your weekend soundtrack.


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