Aug 1-4

Laugh Series: Bri Pruett
Lucky Barn - Pendarvis Farm | Photo by Brud Giles
Tuesday March 14, 2017


Pickathon 2016 marked the first year we brought stand-up comedy and storytelling programs into the Lucky Barn for some late night reverie. We went to some of the brightest minds in their respective industries to ask for their curatorial magic. Our master curator for the Laugh Series was Amy Miller (naturally), who had left her Portland lily pad for sunny Los Angeles only months earlier. Amy brought on Bri Pruett to headline at Pickathon along with 5 other talented comics.

Now, sadly, Portland will lose Bri Pruett to the sun-drenched siren song of L.A. as well. We’ll miss her easily relatable sense of humor about anything and everything under the sun. Oh, sweet and gorgeous sun…What does that feel like again?! We wish her all the best in this bittersweet parting, although she probably doesn’t need our good tidings. Her talent and personality will take her far. Hopefully, not too far that she doesn’t come back for a reunion show every now and then!


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