Aug 1-4

Ingredients Series: Pip’s Original Doughnuts
Pip's Original Doughnuts | Ingredients Series - Pickathon 2016
Wednesday April 19, 2017

Big shout-out to our friends at Pip’s Original Doughnuts in the latest episode of the Ingredients Series! If you haven’t treated yourself to their delicious mini donuts and many varieties of chai, get yourself over to the Fremont neighborhood. Their charming brick-and-mortar is located at: 4759 NE Fremont St in Portland. Visit them within a week of your birthday and they’ll shower you with mini donut love- a dozen, to be exact.

The Ingredients Series was filmed by Aaron Filipowsky at the beautiful Pendarvis Farm, August 2016. Videos are crafted and edited by Lance Troxel.

Catch more episodes of the Ingredients Series along with hundreds of other music and artistic performances on our YouTube channel at: And join us at Pendarvis Farm, August 3-6, 2017, to help us celebrate our 19th birthday! Tickets available here.


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