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Pickathon DJ Lineup & Schedule
Image by Christopher Sohler
Saturday July 8, 2017

We are pleased to announce this years DJ lineup & schedule!

Greg Vandy has once again put together an incredible mix of both known & unknown radio DJs, record collectors, and music heads. Each bringing a unique sound and a stack of records to play between sets on the Woods Stage, Starlight Stage, Mt. Hood Stage, and Galaxy Barn.

Check out the schedule below and dig into the backstory from Greg Vandy:

Q: What makes DJs at Pickathon so special?

The concept is ‘DJs who play records’. We are a group of collectors, club DJs, radio hosts, musicians, writers, independent record label execs, and weirdos who have a wide range of tastes and a shit ton of wax. We draw heavily from locals in Portland (XRAY-FM), but also from Seattle, LA, and other parts. We play on 4 stages – Mt Hood, Starlight, Woods, and the Galaxy Barn beer garden, including the special curation dinners/brunch. We also set the tone with morning sets during breakfast near the food vendors. I’m open to to guest artist DJs if that develops, as was the case last year when both Boulevards and Ezra Furman played spontaneous sets. Our goal is for the festival audience to hear a good song every single minute, from the last song of a live band to the first song of the next DJ. And it’s working. People have been blown away at the overall curation of Pickathon and the DJs are now a big part of it.

Q: When Did Pickathon start incorporating DJs?

This aspect of Pickathon has grown organically from a very simple origin 6 years ago when myself, Justin Gage from Aquarium Drunkard, and Mat Greasy of DUG Seattle played records in the Galaxy Barn beer garden on a folding table. The space was pretty under-developed at the time, nothing like what it is now. It was fun but a little lonely down there. Now we have have 4 stage locations and alot more DJs. Jonathan Toubin of Night Train NYC is coming this year, but we have about 30 DJs with a lot of styles. Our ultimate mission is to blow minds, with records. No laptops.

Q: Besides Toubin, who else is spinning?

Some really great record people who dig pretty deep, like Andy Cabic of Vetiver who is a genius, DJ Nitty Gritty of Sophisticated Mama (Seattle) has a great selection of vintage soul, Bobby Smith of XRay’s Night School kills it with a lot of African stuff, DJ Morning Remorse (XRAY) comes with psych, soul, and fuzz, Portland’s DJ Cookey Parker (Scott McGee) is a beast, Kevin Cole (KEXP) will be making his Pickathon debut, Michael Slaboch of “The Break-A-Way Show” in Michigan, DJ RESCUE (Zia from Dandy Warhols) will do her thing, and of course the mad professor and vibe guru himself, Mat Greasy of DUG in Seattle. He’s become everyone’s favorite over the years. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play the same record twice. His range is amazing and he can match any mood or band, but his deep soul/funk is sick. All 45s of course.

Q: What about you?

I’ll be playing too. When you hear early 70’s Link Wray, you know it’s me.


Mt. Hood Stage: 8:10-8:50pm DJ Greasy, Nitty Gritty, Greg Vandy
Starlight Stage: 11:10-11:40pm DJ Bob Ham | 12:35-1:05am Ben Hubbird
Galaxy Barn: 9:20-10:00pm Theo Craig | 11:00-11:40pm DJ Jimbo | 12:40-1:20am Tom Humphrey

Woods Stage: 10:50-11:20am DJ Rescue | 12:20-1:00pm Blind Bartimaeus | 2:00-2:40pm DJ JP Woodbury | 3:40-4:20 Andy Cabic | 5:20-6:00pm Keegan | 7:00-7:40pm DJ El Toro | 8:40-9:20pm Tom Humphrey | 10:20-11:00pm Morning Remorse
Mt. Hood Stage: 1:30-2:10pm Casey Jarman | 3:10-3:50 DJ Aquaman | 4:50-5:30pm Lonesome Vee | 6:30-7:10pm Mr. Wiff | 8:10-8:50pm Greg Vandy
Starlight Stage: 11:10-11:40pm LeRoy Jerome | 12:35-1:05am Bobby D
Galaxy Barn: 9:20-10:00 Cooky Parker | 11:00-11:40pm DJ Greasy | 12:40-1:20am Nitty Gritty

Woods Stage: 10:50-11:20am Lonesome Vee | 12:20-1:00pm Andy Cabic | 2:00-2:40pm DJ Aquaman | 3:40-4:20pm Theo Craig | 5:20-6:00pm DJ Dirty Red | 7:00-7:40pm DJ sbsm | 8:40-9:20pm DJ El Toro | 10:20-11:00pm Kevin Cole 
Mt. Hood Stage: 1:30-2:10pm LeRoy Jerome | 3:10-3:50pm Mr. Wiff | 4:50-5:30pm Cooky Parker | 6:30-7:10pm Blind Bartimeaus | 8:10-8:50pm Greg Vandy 
Starlight Stage: 11:10-11:40pm DJ Explorateur | 12:35-1:05am Morning Remorse
Galaxy Barn: 9:20-1:00pm DJ Greasy | 11:00-11:40pm Ben Hubbird | 12:40-1:20am Bobby D

Woods Stage: 10:40-11:20am DJ JP Woodbury | 12:20-1:00pm The Ambassador | 2:00-2:40pm Tom Humphrey | 3:40-4:20pm Casey Jarman | 5:20-6:00pm DJ Jimbo | 7:00-7:40pm Cooky Parker | 8:40-9:20pm DJ Explorateur
Mt. Hood Stage: 1:30-2:10pm Michael Slaboch | 3:10-3:50pm DJ Greasy | 4:50-5:30pm DJ Dirty Red | 6:30-7:10pm Chancie Chance | 8:10-8:50pm Keegan
Starlight Stage: 11:10-11:40pm DJ Bob Ham | 12:35-1:05am Morning Remorse
Galaxy Barn: 9:20-10:00pm DJ Nitty Gritty | 11:00-11:40pm & 12:40-1:20am Jonathan Toubin

Join us August 3rd-6th at Pendarvis Farm for the 19th Annual Pickathon


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