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Welcome to Pickathon: Awareness & Guidelines
Welcome To Pickathon, Photo by Bill Purcell
Sunday July 29, 2018

Pickathon is one of the most family-friendly & community oriented festivals around. We work hard to ensure your festival experience is easy-breezy, but we need your participation! Below we have included a lot of details that you may or may not know, with a few new details to be aware of like Hazard Trees & Wasps on the farm.

Here are a few of our most important need to know’s about camping at Pickathon 2018.

    If you see someone with a weapon, do not confront the person. Immediately tell security, medical, or anyone with a radio.
    No fires of any kind, including candles & fireworks. Please use extreme caution with camp stoves.
    IF A FIRE DOES OCCUR – Fire Extinguishers are located at every porta-potty & WATER BUCKETS ARE AT EVERY TRAIL INTERSECTION. If Fire Extinguishers are needed, point extinguishers at BASE of fire and pull pin HARD. Don’t pour water on fire, smother the fire with the wet burlap from the buckets.
    Other than the Farm Horses, they live here! Be kind to them, and please do not feed them.
    There are two areas: Galaxy Courtyard (specifically during yoga) (just kidding, please don’t do that), and between Mt. Hood Stage & Starlight Stage.

Camping Awareness:

  • Hazard Trees:  Due to years of drought, TREE HAZARDS are very real.  Please do not hang hammocks higher than 4ft. If you do, either we will take it down, or the tree could take you down first…
  • Wasps!:  The wasps on the farm have been numerous this year. Please take caution during the festival, and take measures ahead of time to be prepared – particularly if you have bee/wasp allergies. Be aware & don’t dig in or disrupt your area more than necessary. Know your personal health needs; are you allergic to stings or foods and prepared for any event? What is your plan should you be stung or bitten? Remember you are camping in a natural environment that contains critters and bugs that may sting or bite. Please report to Medical if stung, medical professionals are available and ready to help.

Pickathon Community Guidelines:

  • FAMILY CAMP QUIET HOURS: All weekend long, from 11pm-9am.
  • Be Kind With Your Space:
    Please do not build a palace of a home. This leaves less room for us all to camp.
    Leave No Trace! We know you’ve heard of it…

Are you missing your child? Are you a lost child? Do you see a child who looks to be lost?
Please report lost children to the Medical Booth.

  • Help your child find you!
    Please write your phone number on the inside of your child’s wristband.

Are you in trouble at Pickathon?
To report an issue or concern: 971-319-5930
For EMERGENCIES ONLY, please call the Pickathon Hotline. (503)-939-1095
We have emergency support available & on-site.

If you read through this, you’re a champion!  Thank you for keeping Pickathon a safe place for everyone, we can’t wait to see you out on the farm. All other do’s & don’ts + site info can be found at our Info Page.

Join us for the best weekend of the summer.

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