Aug 1-4

Introducing The Pickathon Patron Pass
Pickathon 2018 x Broken Social Scene From Above | Photo By Sean Mathis
Thursday November 15, 2018

Introducing the Pickathon Patron Pass

The concept is simple: 
Attend Pickathon as if you are an artist guest.

What this means:
This year we are introducing a select quantity of the Pickathon Patron Pass, a luxury festival experience.

Why we are offering this:
As we continue to grow, we continue to face a recurring dilemma of how to keep a comfortable audience density and affordable ticket prices while creatively managing the growing interest and demand that comes with each new year? How to stay true to our core mission and maintain the magic of Pickathon for everyone who attends while also keeping the lights on year round?

By creating a small quantity of luxury 2019 Pickathon Patron Passes, we’re able to offer a VIP-level experience without altering the festival aesthetic with newly separate VIP areas.

Pickathon Patron Pass holders will enjoy: 

  • All Access – Backstage Access at every stage
  • Attend Intimate Sessions – Access to attend any of the off-stage sessions recorded onsite throughout the weekend
  • Festival Entry Starting Thursday, August 1.
  • Express Check-in Upon Arrival
  • Hotel Accommodations – Nearby hotel accommodations provided for each night you are attending Pickathon
  • Shuttle or Close-By Parking – We will shuttle you to/from your hotel, or arrange for reserved parking when you arrive.
  • Backstage Catering & Beverages – Food and beverage provided throughout the weekend by our amazing Hospitality Crew, complete with locally-sourced ingredients for any/all dietary requirements.
  • Pickathon Patron Onsite Concierge – Got questions? Get answers from your personal concierge.

Pickathon Patrons will enjoy the luxury festival experience of a lifetime. This pass represents our highest level of accommodations and service, available for an all-inclusive $5,000 and covering hotel, transportation, and all food and beverage for the entire 4+ days of the festival.

For those of you interested in learning more about this unique and tailored Pickathon weekend, please feel free to email us for more information.

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