Aug 1-4

New discoveries at Pickathon, meet the voice of Miya Folick.
Friday June 21, 2019

Characterized by powerful Kate Bush-era vocals and dark pop ballads, Miya Folick’s work brings the best of the ‘80s to the 21st century. The Los Angeles singer, who used Tinder to help compose her band, plays by her own rules, creating airy anthems for the modern world. Folick’s 2018 album Premonitions is a perfect pop music snapshot of our times. By turning up the tempo Folick has highlighted her own best quality; the ability to perform like no one is watching, providing the rest of us with free, uninhibited, good energy. You’re going to want to see Miya Folick Saturday at the Woods stage and Sunday in the Galaxy Barn. 

Tickets are limited and selling super fast -> Buy today and we’ll see you in August!

Watch: Live on KEXP

Watch: Give It To Me | Stop Talking |Stock Image

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