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Curation Tickets On Sale Now!
Monday July 25, 2022

Curation Tickets On Sale Now!
Lineup of Chef & Artist Pairings Announced

We’re so excited to announce our 2022 lineup for Curation at Pickathon! Curation brings together artists and vinyl DJs from our world-class lineup with celebrated chefs from the Pacific Northwest for deeply curated experiences that fuse food, music, and community. Curation is more than a VIP festival ticket or a farm-to-table meal, it’s an exploration to find the creative core at the heart of food and music. Tickets are on sale now and are limited to 80 seats for each meal!

Drawing from Portland’s renowned culinary scene, we’ve selected up-and-coming and notable chefs and chosen unexpected and surprising pairings with festival artists. The bold and powerful tastes of a Chef like Luna Contreras of Chelo PDX, who is inspired by her Guadalajaran grandmother and Mexican comida corrida was carefully chosen to intertwine with the subtle, introspective indie songwriter Rosali. Rural Oregon Americana artist Margo Cilker, who came up around cowboys and ranches, was paired with the evolving Indian fusion of Chef Deepak Saxena at DesiPDX. Pairings and matchings at Curation are designed to surprise the audience and push the chefs and musicians into new territory.


Each Curation event at Pickathon lasts two hours, starting with appetizers and drinks from the featured bartender and vinyl mixology from one of our specialist Pickathon DJs. Curation attendees then enjoy an intimate and special performance by the guest artist who has been paired with the Curation chef. Following the performance, the chef presents an expanded multi-course meal conceived of and designed for the Curation event. The table is set under the forested greenery of Pendarvis Farm, and the band plays to an audience of select guests eager to discover something new. Curation looks to the crossroads of creativity, as chef and artist draw inspiration from each other, and push each other to new heights. The result is a magical experience, a festival within a festival.


2022 Curation Event Schedule

Friday Night Dinner, August 5, 2022

Chefs John and Lauren of AstralPDX with Frank Farfield & Meredith Axelrod and DJ Lonesome Vee

Fresh, innovative cuisine meets meets Southern Cali stringband fanatics

Saturday Brunch, August 6, 2022

Chef Luna Contreras of Chelo PDX with Rosali and DJ The Ambassador

Mexican cuisine from Guadalajaran family/community encounters introspective Philadelphia indie songwriting

Saturday Happy Hour, August 6, 2022 

Chef Johanna and Chef Jed of Gather Around Nutrition with Doug Martsch of Built to Spill and DJs Pearl Charles & Michael Rault

Healing food and vegan/vegetarian holistic nutrition fuses with indie rock lordship Built to Spill

Saturday Dinner, August 6, 2022 

Chef Deepak Saxena of DesiPDX with Margo Cilker and DJ Greg Vandy

Evolving exploration of Indian fusion w/ Gluten-Free and Paleo/Vegan-Friendly menu collides with Oregon cowboy roots and Americana songwriting 

Sunday Brunch, August 7, 2022 

Chef Matt and Chef Chris of 28 Tigers with Thee Sacred Souls and DJs Rescue & Stonebunny

Chinese family restaurant values and global comfort creations sidle up alongside California’s sweet soul pioneers


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