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Let’s Explore the 2023 Pickathon Lineup
Wednesday March 29, 2023

The 2023 Pickathon Lineup is out now! We’ve pulled back the curtain on one of our most discovery-based lineups ever. And we want you to dive in with us and explore. Pickathon’s where we go to fall in love, all over again, every year. It’s where we go to find our next favorite bands and to say that we saw them first before they became household names.

Anyone who saw Sturgill Simpson playing old-school honky tonk at Pickathon 2011 can say they saw him before he became a global phenomenon that changed the country world. Or what about the folks who saw Billy Strings play with Don Julin in 2015 before he was selling out arenas, or Margo Price in 2016 the same year her debut album dropped, or Black Pumas in 2018 two years before they were nominated as Best New Artist at the Grammys?

So who’s the breakout star you’re going to see at Pickathon 2023 for the first time? Explore now and make your bets!

Check Out Curated YouTube Playlist of the 2023 Pickathon Lineup

Our fearless Pickathon Founder Zale Schoenborn has put together a deeply curated YouTube playlist of videos from the 2023 Pickathon Lineup. Don’t hit shuffle on this one, start from the beginning for the best possible vibes.

Listen to Spotify Playlist of the 2023 Pickathon Lineup

We’ve also put together a Spotify Playlist of all the Pickathon 2023 Artists. This one can be played on shuffle, so jump in and discover some new favorite artists. Even if you think you prefer a specific genre, we bet you’re going to find an entirely new sound that’s irresistible.

Bonus: Over on Pickathon’s Discord, Pickathon Fans have been porting these playlists into other streaming services, so here are those links if you prefer TIDAL or Apple Music.

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