Aug 1-4

Make $350 Glamping at Pickathon?!?
Saturday May 27, 2023

Sample Camp Poler Package!

There is still an opportunity to reserve one of the last remaining Camp Poler campsites for $800, and take home over $1180 in brand-new POLER and RUMPL gear, essentially making over $350 by letting us take care of you.

Huh?! Did I read that right?!

Its true!

When you buy a Camp Poler glamping package, we not only setup your campsite before you arrive, but now you have the option to take all of the amazing POLER, RUMPL, and Next Adventure gear home with you.

Tucked away in a nice shady part of the woods, the Camp Poler consists of a Poler Two Person Tent set up with TWO Napsacks to sleep in, two Poler camp chairs, a Poler Camera Cooler, two sleeping pads and pillows from Next Adventure, and as a special bonus, the folks at Rumpl are throwing in TWO Rumpl Sherpa Fleece Blankets that you can keep as well!

That totals to 1180 in free camping gear.

Its a no brainer for anyone that’s looking for being taken care of, but don’t delay as there’s only a couple left!

Surfboard not included!
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