Aug 1-4

Schedule + 3 New Artists!
Wednesday May 24, 2023

Find out who’s playing what stage on which day, get the lowdown on Pickathon’s schedule this year, and lay out your plan for the festival. Will you wander like a nomad, or camp out at your favorite festival stage? Full Stage Schedules are UP and available now! We won’t have a printed program guide, so save this to your phone or print it yourself to bring with you to Pickathon this year! If you’re curious how the Pickathon schedule gets put together every year, subscribe to our Pickathon Patreon to get a behind the scenes interview about the wickedly complex Sudoko puzzle that is Pickathon’s programming.

Erin Riddle_2022 Pickathon_Rover

Have you picked up your Pickathon tickets yet? We’re in the last days of our first Tier of ticket pricing with the prices set to go up very soon, so don’t delay! RV and Car Camping are available still at our Welcome Campground and here’s more info on our totally revised Parking & Camping this year!

Three New Artists Added to Pickathon 2023!

Get to know three more artists we’ve added to the Pickathon 2023 Lineup! Welcome these three cutting-edge artists to this year’s Pickathon!

Brittany Davis

Brittany Davis is a multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter, soul innovator, and performer from Seattle, WA. Brittany grew up in Kansas City and played piano/organ in church, then moved to Seattle a decade ago where their exceptional songwriting began, capturing the attention of Stone Gossard and his Seattle-based record label Loosegroove Records. Brittany is blind and describes themself as a vessel of sound, experiencing music in spirit and colors. Everything about Brittany represents music and everything is an instrument to them. Brittany’s music has a wide range and credits Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Legend, H.E.R., Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Lizzo, Cardi B, & Beyonce as some of their main artist influences.

Their 2022 critically-acclaimed debut EP I Choose To Live was produced and engineered by Davis and Josh Evans (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Brandi Carlile) and praised by media outlets such as NPR Tiny Desk who offered them a coveted slot, as well as The Seattle Times and American Songwriter. Most recently, Davis performed at SPIN’s SXSW Showcase at Stubbs and was a featured performer on Austin City Limits SXSW Live Morning Broadcast.

Small Paul

Small Paul was born in a Seattle basement In the early days of COVID as a happy accident between housemates Kevin Murphy from The Moondoggies, Chris King and Malcolm Roberts from Chris King & The Gutterballs with Seth McDonald from All-Star Opera. What started out as casual music chairs between friends, has over time blossomed into a four-headed creative monster. During the long strange days of quarantine, the project’s ease and freedom allowed for productive hours of symbiotic collaboration and summoning songs for strange times. The Four songs from Small Paul’s debut Strangeland reflect ideas of traveling forward, movement, and self-reflection. The images of the road that rolls under us as we push ahead through grief, change, isolation, and the passing of time and people. The EP at its core captures the band playing together live. Kevin and Chris trade lead vocal and drum/guitar duties, with Malcolm contributing backing vocals for Small Paul’s three-part harmonies as well as bass and Seth coloring the songs with keys.

Cat Clyde

Cat Clyde is a singer/songwriter from rural Ontario, Canada. A combination of driven, soulful blues and sweet, folk-tinged, dulcet tones that carry a particular sense of familiarity provide the structure on which she creates her unique sound. With influences ranging from Patsy Cline and Lead Belly to Karen Dalton and Bobbie Gentry, this patchwork of musical significance, when stitched to her modern approach, fits like a well-tailored, corduroy-road cloth. Cat Clyde’s 3rd album Down Rounder is a wonder of deeply felt songwriting, a record that finds the Canadian singer-songwriter marveling at what’s around her while considering her own place within it all. The record sounds lively and lived-in, with Clyde’s malleable singing voice—spanning an appealing twang to a lovely, plaintive croon and anywhere in between—espousing an essential connection between our spiritual center and the natural world surrounding us.

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