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Redesigned Parking & Camping at Pickathon!
Wednesday May 17, 2023

Whether you want to come and go all weekend in your vehicle, tent camp in a lush forest, or chill out and sleep comfortably in your RV/Car, our Parking & Camping 2.0 Plan is a radically new way of experiencing Pickathon!

What is Parking & Camping 2.0 ?

Pickathon continuously works to improve the festival experience, and this year we’re excited to announce that, with the addition of our brand new Welcome Lot, the check-in, parking, and camping experience will be better than it’s ever been! It’s a total redesign that will make your trip to Pickathon much easier!

What’s New?
We have an entirely brand-new parking lot that’s much larger than previous parking lots! It’s a huge, open field that will be easy to park in and will have lots of space for day or weekend parking. The Welcome Lot will be your new arrival point at Pickathon if you’re driving to the festival. Just pull up to a ticketing booth and we’ll get you your festival wristband from the comfort of your own car. That’s right, you can check‐in entirely without getting out of your car with our IN-CAR TICKETING!

Remember in the old days when you had to lug your camping gear all the way through the festival grounds? No more! In recent years, we developed a system to deliver your gear to specific camping areas for you. With the new Welcome Lot, you can drop off your camping gear (if you’re camping) with the Camp Host right after you get your tickets. We’ll take care of bringing your gear into the festival, and you can pick it up at a Gear Drop close to your campsite! Alternatively, if you booked RV or Car Camping in the Welcome Campground, you’re already at your festival home!

Camp Poler Package:
We’re excited to partner with Portland camping and apparel company Poler this year to offer a luxury camping package for Pickathon! With Camp Poler, all you need to do is pull up to the festival and your camping needs will be completely taken care of. AND thanks to our generous sponsors, you’ll be able to take home most of the brand-new gear you’re camping in for an added bonus of nearly $800 in value. You’re saving so much, it’s practically free!

Pickathon Mascot Cora checking out the new Welcome Lot recently

After dropping off your gear, our parking attendants will help you find a parking spot, then you can jump on the Festival Bus, our free shuttle between the Welcome Lot and the Pickathon Festival Entrance. A quick ‘lil trip on the bus – or a leisurely half mile stroll or bicycle ride if you’d prefer – and you’ll be able to walk in the front gate of Pickathon with all your camping gear taken care of, your wristband on, ready to party! 

Afternoon light falls across tent campsites in the forest. Photo by Rob Kerr, Pickathon Photo Crew Instagram credit @robkerr6

Post-Pickathon we know you’ll be tired from all the fun, so all you have to do is break down your camp (if you were tent camping) and leave everything at a Gear Drop. We’ll bring it over to the Camp Host in the Welcome Lot and you can take the Festival Bus over to pick it up and get your car!

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