Aug 1-4  OR

The Big Rock Candy Mountain of Music Festivals?
Wednesday June 14, 2023

We’ve been thinking about that old hobo country song, “The Big Rock Candy Mountains” recently… It’s a classic vision of paradise, but from the viewpoint of the kind of free-wheelin’, free-lovin’ ramblers that come to Pickathon. It’s a land beyond authority and beyond rules, where you can just kick back and relax, enjoying the finest things of life. “There’s lake of stew, and of whiskey too, and you can paddle all around them in a big canoe!” Anyone who’s been to Pendarvis Farm for Pickathon knows that it’s indeed a land that’s fair and bright, a beautiful forested wonderland where we can sleep out every night. Not sure if anyone’s ever found the crystal fountains at Pickathon, but the lemonade springs sound like a pretty great idea for this year!

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