Aug 1-4

Pickathon 2023 Full Beverage Lineup!
Thursday July 27, 2023

A cold drink in a Pickathon stainless steel reusable pint cup on a hot day. This is the quintessential Pickathon experience, and this year we’re proud to bring a whole host of Beverage options to the festival. From national brands to indie brewers to craft cocktails to homebrewed coffee to crisp cider to powerful spirits to bubbly kombucha and a brand new non-alcoholic drinks station, we’ve got a whole world of libations to tickle your fancy!


Erin Riddle

With bars across most of the 12 Neighborhoods of Pickathon, we try to spread our beer options far and wide at the festival. You’ll find national breweries like New Belgium, who are bringing their famed Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA, but mostly all Northwest based breweries. We have rising brewing stars in Portland, like Via Beer, known for their modern, distinctive beers with vibrant packaging, or family-owned, small-batched brewery Little Beast Brewing. And we have some of the biggest breweries in the Northwest, like Hopworks, who are bringing their Beer Time Pilsner and Ferocious Citrus IPA, and Portland’s famous Widmer, bringing the Widmer Hefe and Widmer Hopcadia, plus Ninkasi out of Eugene. Most brewers are based in Portland, but Ferment Brewing Co. has the lock on wild terrain of the Columbia River Gorge around Hood River for inspiration, while Fort George Brewery represents Astoria’s vibrant brewing scene. Like all the other creative folks showcase at Pickathon, local brewers will be bringing their own creative philosophies. Hailing from Bend, 10 Barrel Brewing Co. is a Northwest brewery with the motto, “Brew Beer, Have Fun”, while Gigantic Brewing’s philosophy is more direct, “Never Give An Inch.” Ecliptic’s brewers are musicians themselves and love the Portland music scene. Portland brewers Fracture Brewing are focused on collaboration, believing there is nowhere in the world with more talent and depth of beer innovation than in Portland.

With so many breweries coming to Pickathon, we’ll have a huge range of different kinds of beers on tap. In the IPA world, Migration Brewing will feature their Migration IPA, a modern IPA finishing dry. Crux Fermentation is bringing their Ghost Captain IPA, a classic Northwest IPA bursting with fruity, dank overtones and a hint of pine. Bringing a German Light Lager, Northwest brewery pFriem is known for artisanal beers influenced by the great brewers of Europe like their German Light Lager. Also known for their German beers, Portland brewery Zoiglhaus has a prized rare Black Lager to share at Pickathon. Ruse Brewing is bringing their Phantom Shore Pale Ale, a light and refreshing summertime brew bursting with huge notes of sticky stone fruit and ice cold lychee juice. Laurelwood Brewing’s Free Range Red Ale is a classic amber ale, but with a Northwest kick of bitterness from heavy hands of locally grown Cascade hops.


Portland and the Pacific Northwest are both home to a wildly vibrant cider scene as well, and Pickathon’s been known for bringing out the best and most innovative cideries! Both Bend Cider and Swift Cider will be bringing ciders infused with botanicals to create new tastes. Portland Cider and Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider are both known for their creativity and risk taking and Double Mountain’s Dry Cider has unusual aromas of juicy pear, lychee, green fruit, and chamomile! Expect to be surprised and delighted by the ciders on tap at Pickathon this year!


All across Pickathon, we’ll be pouring delicious and intriguing craft cocktails! Check out the menus at each bar to find these tasty secret treats and big thanks to the great distillers who are bringing their spirits to Pickathon for us to make these cocktails. Big love to the national brands joining us, from Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston’s Dos Hombres Mezcal to El Jimador Tequila. We’re proud to be able to feature Northwest distillers as well, since Portland and Oregon have such cutting-edge scenes for this. LBGTQ+ owned and operated distillery Shine brews in small batches and copper distills their spirits. Sun Ranch Vodka believes in the credo to “Drink Local. Drink Well.” and Eastside Distilling’s Burnside West End Blend American Whiskey is a shareable spirit, light and vibrant, easy to mix or sip. For all of our craft cocktails, nationally renowned Portland Syrups will be providing small-batch whole ingredient mixers.


Internationally known for the fine wines and vineyards in the Willamette Valley, of course Pickathon will have some of the best wines available for folks. From Dominio IV Wines’ cozy, boutique winery, located on a farm in Carlton, Oregon, to Helioterra Wines’ small, artisan Northwest wines made at their urban winery in Portland. We’ll also be featuring international wines like Studio by Miraval’s Rosé, Lubanzi Wines’ socially conscious South African wine, and La Vieille Ferme’s French Southern Rhône wines. As a treat, Jess Pierce of Pierce Wines will be bringing her juicy Riesling wine made from grapes in Hood River, Oregon, and she’ll also be around to answer questions and talk wine during the festival with folks!


Brew Dr. will be sharing four of their favorite kombucha brews throughout the festival. They’ll have their Clear Mind, Love, Superberry and Lemon Ginger flavors to unleash at the festival. We’ll also have hard kombucha this year, coming from Juneshine! Aurora Elixirs will have sparkling botanical and fruit beverages infused with hemp CBD and Lolo sparkling hops beverages.


New to Pickathon and right next to the Refuge Neighborhood, this year we are proud to have a non-alcoholic drinks station for those that want delicious drinks with zero alcohol content! This wellness-minded location will feature a host of innovative drinks from Northwest providers. Drawing from traditional methods of tea making, perfumery, and spirits distillation, Wilderton Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirits transform raw botanicals into bold, complex, delicious non-alcoholic expressions. They’ll be featuring the Wilderton Bittersweet Aperitivo, a complex blend of grapefruit, orange blossom, and aromatic herbs. For Bitter For Worse, a proud woman-owned family company, will offer three non-alcoholic cocktails: Rose City Fizz, Smoky ‘rita, and Pickathon’s version of a Bloody Mary, the Hot Smokin’ Mary. Eugene-based Herbal Junction will have Herbal Elixirs and Tonics, providing well being and rejuvenation through the use of unique and potent herbal formulas, and MoonBrine Pickles will have their Fermented Pickle Brine, the most tasty result of the pickle fermentation process, in straight shots, as well as included in other tasty beverages. Smith Tea, an innovative tea company founded out of a Portland blacksmith shop, will bring their full-leaf teas and infusions crafted by hand to Pickathon. They’ll be serving their Lord Bergamot Earl Grey and Blackberry Iced Tea! Inside the Refuge, Yvonne Perez Emerson of Make & Mary will be featuring Open Interactive Art alongside Iced Hemp Tea tasting in the afternoon after lunch.


We’re happy to have Café Mam (pronounced “mom”) back as our coffee provider at Pickathon again! A family-owned and operated coffee company based in Eugene, Café Mam’s roots grow deep in organic agriculture, and their foundation is built on principles of ethical sourcing, sustainability, environmentalism, cultural identity, human dignity, and of course, high-quality, freshly roasted coffee. 

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