Aug 1-4

Sneak Peek at Paddock Neighborhood
Friday July 28, 2023

Located in the beautiful main meadow of Pendarvis Farm, the Paddock is your evening Neighborhood! When the stars start come out, this is where we’ll gather for mainstage performances with views of Mt. Hood in the distance. Paddock will also host a great visual art installation as well as the brand-new Pickathon General Store. This will be a new shop to help you pick up some of the best camping and outdoor gear from Northwest companies. The fine folks at Skylab Architecture are building out the Paddock. Check out their concept for this year!

“Our concept mimics the passage of time and pays homage to the fallen barns in the area by integrating traditional architectural features such as exposed wooden beams, pitched roofs, and slatted siding into the design. We were compelled to harmonize with the natural landscape and compliment the surrounding environment to encourage a sense of freedom and connection to the site. The form should not merely replicate a barn, but instead create a space that captures the essence and spirit of these structures.”

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