Aug 1-4

Sneak Peek of the Windmill Neighborhood 2023!
Tuesday July 25, 2023

The Windmill Neighborhood was brand new last year, tucked into the trees just above the Paddock Stage. It played host to literary readings, brewing meet-ups, intimate acoustic performances, surprisingly spirited rock-outs, and deeply shaded mid-day performances under the trees and amidst the pine needles. For the Windmill 2023, Jenn Lanius with EMA Architecture, soon to be Kaleido, is designing a space to excite the imagination!

Here’s the plan in her words:

“The Windmill Neighborhood at Pickathon this year will be, without giving anything away, a treasure hunt! Our collective of makers, designers, and creators imagine a space in the forest inspired by music. Windswept fabrics and sparkling trees, sheer paneled curves and spiraling patterns weave a treasure trove of sculptural elements to reveal the Windmill Neighborhood’s theme. A sneak peek inside a kinetic prism and an oversized mushroom bring explorations of light and movement for a creatively playful oasis in the shade. Come grab a drink at Windy’s and follow the clues!”

Big thanks to Reclaim NW, Hampton Lumber, and Mr Plywood for their material donations and the Green Anchors Foundation for the use of their space!

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