Aug 1-4

Its… Lineup Bingo!
Saturday March 9, 2024

Let’s play!

We’re less than a week out from Early Bird tickets going on sale (3/13, 9am, this link). After early bird comes… The Lineup!

We know, the best lineup is the one made up in your own head, so let’s see it! Put together your best guess at the 2024 Pickathon lineup, and you could win a pair of weekend passes to the festival in August.

Pull the image above, add your bands, and send it back to us! You can either post it on Instagram (tagging Pickathon) or email us your image to bingo@pickathon.com

Good luck! Check out the details below on entrance eligibility.

This week at Showdown

Showdown’s First Variety Show

Mustachioed and spaghetti western-inspired, Johnny Franco is one of Portland’s greatest imports. Born in Brazil and building his legend in the PNW, Franco is planning to rock our stage this Saturday. Join us!

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