Aug 1-4

Grove Neighborhood 2024 – Sneak Peek
Monday June 17, 2024
Grove Preview

Grove Neighborhood 2024 – Sneak Peek

Designed by Nicolás Barrome Forgues, the Grove Neighborhood at Pickathon 2024 is going to be WILD! Here’s a sneak peek at the design specs and philosophy that Nicolás Barrome Forgues and the team are bringing on August 1-4, 2024. Here’s what they said:

« We welcome you to the Grove Neighborhood. We are the spirits of the Grove, a meteor in the summer’s day, from wood to wood, from hill to hill… »

This year, to enter the Grove Neighborhood, people will have to meet the guards, inspired by the grove’s invisible inhabitants. Meet the mantra, frog, and stick insects. Now it’s your turn to feel small! They are here to make you feel the power of the forest, but don’t worry, they’re friendly.

As a reference to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” the environment will be full of giant flowers, leaves, and grass. This gives people the feeling of entering a giant world. Stay focused and concentrated, because some of the spirits could be very well hidden. Upon arriving at the stage, join the king of the grove, ready to turn on the forest.

These Spirits also have a special message. They remind us that all living beings in nature, no matter how small or how big, are part of it and responsible for protecting it.”

A huge thanks to Wacom for their support in bringing this neighborhood to life at Pickathon August 1-4, 2024! Stay tuned for plans on their interactive lounge in the Grove!

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Grove Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon! More previews are coming soon…

The Spirits of the Grove

Grove Neighborhood Behind-the-Scenes Planning in Progress!

Grove Preview
The idea is to create the invisible population of the forest that will wake up at the time of the festival! First, it is very easy to build because we are just using wood boards, cut and painted. This is not a giant element, but all the characters are independent so we’ll be free to place them as we want. Additionally, most of them will be behind the stage and behind the barrier to give the feeling they come from the woods and are ready to jump on the stage. Just a few will be on the stage to create different plans, such as a theater setting (for example, the hands of the «bigfoot»). Moreover, the color range is the one of the 2024 Pickathon key visuals. We could also use some little lights in the eyes of the characters for a better effect at night. Furthermore, we can imagine many other characters, plants, and trees placed in different areas to give visitors the feeling that they are sharing this moment with the spirits of the forest.

Join us at Pickathon and experience the transformation in the Grove Neighborhood. Tickets are selling fast for August 1-4, 2024, in Happy Valley, Oregon. Get your tickets now and stay tuned for more Neighborhood sneak peeks coming soon! Follow us at @pickathon on Instagram and Facebook for real-time updates!

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