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Storytelling Lineup: Your Guide to Laughs, Cries, and Deep Thoughts at Pickathon 2024
Photo by Rob Kerr
Saturday June 15, 2024
Imagine Storytelling at Pickathon 2022
Photo by Rob Kerr

Continuing our tradition of filling every space and time at Pickathon, we’re excited to announce our 2024 Storytelling Lineup! Get ready to laugh, cry, and think deeply at Pendarvis Farm this summer.

Curated by Patricia Wheeler, this year’s lineup contributes to the experiential atmosphere and wide swath of creativity that defines Pickathon. Our theme, “The Road,” invites tellers to share tales of wandering, adventure, and the unknown. 

Patricia Wheeler will host these engaging sessions and featured storytellers include: Alisha Joy, Andrew Dickson, David Scott Smith, Renae Roemmich and Sarah Bunder. Click here to learn more about this year’s storytellers and immerse yourself in their captivating narratives.

“The Road is a loose theme, where tellers will share tales on times they were ambling, when the open road was calling, when they hit the road to get the hell out of town, when they followed the Grateful Dead around the States with their parents (this one is real), when they didn’t know what laid ahead but they kept going….” 

Patricia Wheeler, Storytelling Director for Pickathon

Meet the 2024 Storyteller Lineup

Patricia Wheeler – Host/MC

Patricia Wheeler is a storyteller, writer, and producer from Hell, Michigan, who calls Detroit home. She believes everyone has a story to tell and wants to help you tell yours. When not fondly recalling past memories, she’s making new ones with her awesome family, including two little cutie pie pups named Miles Davis Wheeler and Betty Davis Wheeler; Betty is named after the soul singer, not the lady with the eyes.

Alisha Joy

Since childhood, Alisha has been a writer and creator, in awe of the magical connections that stories provide. A child of hippies, she was raised in Southwest Virginia, surrounded by wonderfully weird humans, amazing adventures, and a lot of Grateful Dead music. Alisha is a fierce supporter of the underserved, the underrepresented, and the underdog.

Andrew Dickson

A performer, auctioneer, and storyteller based in Portland. He has premiered several shows at the PICA TBA festival and toured his work internationally. He’s also the co-author of “This is Portland” and more recently published “Me and My Family and Me.”

David Scott Smith

A writer and the author of “Hope This Finds You,” a collection of essays from his weekly Monday Moanin’ column. David’s essays have been shared every Monday since 1999.

Renae Roemmich

Diagnosed dyslexic as a child, Renae has a record of overcoming obstacles through grit and creativity. She somehow has a master’s degree in data analytics, refers to her personal style as “glitter butch,” and has many bad first date stories.

Sarah Bunger

Grew up in a small town outside Dayton, OH, and moved to Portland after spending over a decade in Chicago. A former High School English teacher, she now navigates the corporate world of advertising while staying true to her roots as a writer and storyteller.

Storyteller Spotlights:

David Scott Smith

Andrew Dickson

Don’t wait to grab your tickets to this year’s Pickathon. They’re limited and selling fast. Summer is here—are you ready?

PS – This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more Literary Lineup announcements coming soon…

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